Forget what you think you know about sales.

Let's get back to basics. The Bold and Brave Sales Playbook is 23 pages of tangible steps to make your sales game next level. I walk you through 5 specific steps to implement into your business TODAY.

Did I mention it includes 40 fresh ideas to create for your lead magnet?

This 23 page e-book will explain exactly how to conduct creative and successful outreach campaigns to get them buying anything you put out into the market.

What's in it for you?

23 pages of content
6 chapters
Transform and Increase your Sales....Today

Table of Contents

1. Don't be annoying (But really, we will discuss some actual real-life examples of sales conversations gone bad).

2. Keep it simple.

3. "Always Be Closing" is to last year.

4. Listen First, Pitch Later.

5. Create a Lead Generating Machine.

6. Take Your Sales to the Next Level.

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